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Idea: the pros edge-vision training for golf

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The Pro's Edge: Golf Tips from a Vision Expert.

It's one of the hottest topics in sports today: sports vision training.
It has helped professional golfers enhance their games and prolong
their careers. And now these golf tips are available for everyone. By
using eye exercises and simple visual tips, any golfer can shave
strokes off his or her score -- just like the pros! Many people report
improvement after only one day using these fast and easy techniques.


Dr. Lawrence D. Lampert has helped pro golfers and other professional
athletes improve their games. In his groundbreaking book, The Pro's
Edge, he explains how vision training will help golfers to read the
greens better, putt more consistently, stroke the ball smoother, drive
with more precision and lower their score.
Questions? Email Us at

Find Out How To

* Test if you're left-eyed or right-eyed and how that affects your
* Know if your eyes are playing tricks on you.
* Improve your golf game with ten quick vision exercises that you can
do at home.

Golf Magazine Says

"Everything you wanted to know about how your eyesight affects your
game, with self tests and tips to aid alignment, reading greens and
judging speed and distance. Much more fascinating than it sounds."

Featured In

* Golf Magazine
* Golf Digest Woman
* Travel & Leisure Golf
* Fore Florida
* NBC Sports

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